And then this will be mine.

Quite pleased I finally figured out that I can use an unlocked iphone with t-mobile.



“Fashion” post

August 28, 2009

A very quick, improvised outfit. I need to find a better top to pair with the skirt. Tank – Nordstrom Rack
Skirt – Forever 21
Tights – American Apparel
Shoes – Jon Josef

Not so quick, or improvised. I actually decided on this outfit one night at work and got really excited and couldn’t wait to wear it. Blouse – Weston Wear
Jeans – J Brand
Shoes – Doc Martens

My face looks so off in these pictures, but it isn’t about my face. It’s about the clothes


Retail “therapy”

August 26, 2009

I do this every other Wednesday.

Today’s items!
64924549-01.jpg To be worn under other, shorter skirts.

I don’t think it was this exact skirt, I think mine is shorter. Close enough, though!

av_A414_162.jpg I just used this and my hair loves me now.

Aveda-Brilliant.jpg_e_b531446b815d841fa57ff7ac29559923.jpg Old stand-by.

aveda-botanical-kinetics.jpg Another old stand-by. So worth the money.

Holy shit I love spending money.


Will and Jessica and I watched the entire first season of “16 and pregnant” last night. And since we are insensitive, heartless people, we laughed at a lot of it.

And then we watched the finale. It was hosted by Dr. Drew. The very last segment they had all 6 (or maybe it was 7) girls on at once and Dr. Drew asked them how many of them weren’t using contraception when they got pregnant. All of them raised their hands. ALL OF THEM.

I was just like, really? Really? I know this was only 6 or 7 girls but not a single one of them thought to use a condom. Ok one of them (the one with the boyfriend in his 20s) said they used to, but stopped because he didn’t like them.

After that I couldn’t even laugh anymore. This is what abstinence only education is doing. None of these people thought to use condoms or be put on birth control. I KNOW you can be on birth control at 16. I was on it. It just disgusted me.

I will say though that I was pleasantly surprised that the couple we deemed the trashiest ended up being the only one to put their baby up for adoption. I am not saying these girls will be terrible mothers or anything but I do admire the fact that even if it was for purely selfish reasons, they gave their kid a better life.

Ok, done ranting.


Then I realized I have nothing of note to say.

Today I have
-washed the dishes
-eaten a croissant
-argued with an idiot on the internet (people who know me should know which idiot) -told my boyfriend he needs a fucking shower.

Excitement abounds.


Battle of the bags.

August 20, 2009

I can’t decide! Someone help.
This Coach bag that I posted previously.

Or this Juicy Couture bag

The Juicy bag is $50 cheaper, and I can possibly get it on Gilt for $150 if I am able to wait list it, but I like the structure of the Coach bag a lot more. What a dilemma.


I want long hair again

August 6, 2009


Sometimes I want to kick myself for cutting it.


Subject unrelated

August 2, 2009

This week has been fucking exhausting. I am so so soooo glad it is almost over. Between the heat, the period from hell I am currently experiencing and a bunch of work related crap I am surprised I can drag myself out of bed every morning.

Well, on Thursday, I almost couldn’t. I had such severe cramping and back pain it took a muscle relaxer before I could move. And I was late to work because of that. Being a woman is just lovely.

Anyhow I’ve been slowly nourishing my hair back to health. I’ve done two hot oil treatments with olive oil this week and a deep conditioning treatment that I left in overnight. That and I’ve been not using any heat styling at all, just letting my hair dry naturally and using a bit of fiber paste to style it.

It is growing in different though, I’ve noticed. The only parts that actually curl are the little sideburns bits that I left when I shaved my head. Everything else has a tiny bit of wave to it and that’s it. It looks like this (I had just finished a 9 hour shift when I took this picture so I probably look a little worse for the wear) 2ef8b3n.jpg

It is really too soon to tell how it will end up though.

In other news, Will found $123 on the ground last night and I received a $5 bill from 1950. Neat


Tropical Pain Forest

July 30, 2009

That is exactly what my apartment felt like most of today. It was so terrible that I went to The Roxy 2 hours before our paychecks got there because I knew that even though the AC there sucks, it was guaranteed to be at least 20 degrees cooler than it was outside. And it was. After I cashed my check I ended up staying and bullshitting with James for another couple of hours. Went and had a drink next door at Scandals with Tiffany as well.

Finally made my way back home, took a muscle relaxer, started reading the first Harry Potter book for the thousandth time and bitched with Will about how hot it was. Then Jessica came home and we all bitched together. It has seriously been so wretched. It got up to 111° today. What the fucking hell. That is not ok.

Bah a lot more happened tonight that was way more interesting but I am too lethargic from this fucking heat to attempt blogging about it. My friend James (not work James) came over and hung out for a bit, and that was nice as he’s been in Japan the last 10 months and I missed him quite a bit.

I am just going to pass out now.


I think I am melting.

It is supposed to be 104° the next two days and possibly after that. What the fuck Portland? What did the fine fine people of this city do to deserve this? I mean sure we have a lot of good for nothing hippies and worthless “street kids”, but do we really deserve this awful heat? I think not.